Follow the below steps to create a Pipe at Abstracta™ Service level. Here we are seeing steps for Linear Mapping Pipe Transformation.

  • Go to Abstracta Service > Configure Service > Select Pipes from Left Nav.
  • Click on Add Pipe and Select Linear Mapping Pipe
  • Provide Custom Pipe name, Pipe Sequence & Pipe Parameters in JSON format like mentioned below and click on Save
  • After it gets added it shows the Pipe like below.  
  • Go to Postman where we have already downloaded and imported the collection from Orgs and pick the service (Eg., Zone) that we have explained in the above steps. In the Body field having JSON array having Pipes and in that we need to mention "Linear_Mapping_Pipe" Pipe name like highlighted below
  • Send the Service Request and Response follows as per the Linear Mapping Pipe defined 
  • If we want to go to configure service and edit pipe for that we can use Edit Pipe functionality.
  • If we don't want to use Pipes at all then delete existing Pipes/ don't need to mention Pipe names in Service Body Request.
  • With the above steps we can achieve Linear Mapping Pipe Transformation