Enabling of Entitlements to make data secure and authorized users can view the data.

Follow the below steps to Enable and Disable Entitlements at the Data Source level

  • Menu >Datasources
  • Choose the data source in "My Datasources" 

Datasource level Entitlements:

  • Navigate to Advanced from Datasource Configurator. Datasource configurator default with "Disabled" Entitlements for any datasource creation.
  • Navigate to Menu > Services > My Services > My Datasources > Select Datasource configured with Entitlemets "Disabled". You can unmask data shown in the resultset panel
  • Navigate to Datasource configurator of the above-selected Datasource and make the Entitlements "Enabled"
  • After Enabled Entitlements, Resultset Panel appears like below

Column Level Entitlements:

  • As a Datasource Owner/Administrator can setup Column level Entitlements. 
  • Select Services > Manage Services > My Datasources > Click on Selected Service
  • User has Entitlements Enabled on full table data.
  • Grant access to view data on a few columns of the table for the user.
  • Navigate to Left Menu at service > Click on Configure Service
  • Service Configurator Wizard appears like below and clicks on Access Control
  • Navigate to Access control and in that, you can see Service Level Access & Field Level Access
  • Service Level Access >  Grant Access > Select User and Select Role > Submit
  • Field Level Access > Add Role Assignment > 
  • Select Fields > Select User > Select Roles > Click on Grant Access 
  • After grant access, we can see field-level user access roles
  • Based on the above Field-level access users can view the data column level.

Row Level Entitlements: