Follow the below steps to create a service in  Ekahaa Abstracta™.

Service Object Creation

  • Menu > "Services"
  • "My Services" page appears on the screen
  • Choose the data source in "My Datasources" to view all services
  • Click on "ServiceBuilder" 
  • ServiceBuilder wizard appears
  • Follow the steps given in the Wizard to create the service. 
    1. Start: There are 3 options available to create a service
      • Start from scratch: As the name says, service created from scratch.
      • Reference Service: To create a service by referring to an existing service
      • Import from JSON: To import a service exported from another organization 
    2. Basic
      • Enter "Service Name". This should be a unique name for a service
      • Enter "Service Display Name"
      • Enter "Service Description" with a reasonable description of the service.
    3. Advanced: 
      • Choose "Service Type": There are 2 options available
        • Direct Datasource: Select this option to create a service on the data entity (table)
        • Custom View: Select this option to write a custom query 
    4. Versioning
      • It is automated versioning. Leave as is.

    5. Confirmation
      • Service object definition is shown for confirmation
      • Click on the "Create" button to create the service.
    6. Access: This step is about granting access to the service, testing the created service, or to start creating another service.